Is your child having trouble reading or with math?

Reading and math skills lay the groundwork for academic success from an early age. Students who encounter difficulties early in their academic journey may face ongoing struggles to realize their full learning potential. However, New Worlds Scholarship Accounts facilitate early intervention, aiding students in progressing forward.

New Worlds Scholarship Accounts enable early intervention to support students in moving ahead. The program benefits students in grades K-5 by providing families with access to an education savings account (ESA) of $500 to pay for programs and materials designed to boost reading and math skills.

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High-Grade Global Literacy Program is a balanced standard-based, multi-sensory literacy program offered after school, weekends, during the summer, and now online. The program provides an Individualized Literacy Plan for each student based on the results of our in-house pre-assessment. The program is specially designed for students who, studies indicate, have large reading gaps (ELLs, SWD’s, students from low socio-economic families). Our reading program features various resources that are aligned to the Florida State English Language Arts Standards.

A boy and girl child sitting in chairs, reading a book placed on a table, showing a scene of learning together